Professional Digital Auto Anti-Feedback Suppressor and Auto Mixer

This feedback destroyer system with functions of automatic detection ready the noise points, through the DSP system for noise filtering, a high-speed effective elimination of call, effectively improve the local loud speaking pressure and clarity. The product is mainly for modern teaching, meeting, trial recording and remote conference call to special research and development. Adopting modular design, can according to different engineering needs, matching the corresponding module function, and saving the cost of engineering.

This feedback inhibition system design flexibility, has 5 channels microphone input, and also have automatic mixing function and environmental noise cancellation function, according to the needs of different occasions separate access or bypass, debugging easy and convenient

Verification of compliance :


  • Professional digital feedback inhibition module, through / feedback mode can be Convertible, with a key to  microphone calibration function.
  • The panel is one key to control feedback inhibition, independent and dual channel level of indicator light.
  • Professional frequency display, monitor of output level at a glance.
  • Each channel of microphone has independent volume, and independent of 48V power supply.
  • The balance input of 5 channels, Combo XLR/6.35 composite.
  • Mic 1 to 4 with choose 4 or 1 automatic mixing function, also can through to choose 4 or 1 function (choose).
  • Mic 5 with highest priority function, also can bypass the function.
  • The system output of XLR interface, independent volume adjustment (feedback).
  • Microphone and line input of signal high tone control (invalid to music).
  • RCA (L/R) line input, independent of the volume control (enter feedback function).
  • RCA (L/R) Music input, independent of the volume control (not enter feedback function).
  • RCA (L/R) Mic / line separate audio output, independent volume control (without feedback).
  • RCA (L/R) line output, independent volume (feedback).


Power supply AC ~ 220V , 50Hz
Consumed power 20W
Frequency response 20Hz ~ 20KHz
Sampling rate 32KHz
THD <0.1% @1KHz
SNR >90dB
Signal delay <11ms
CMRR >25dB (50Hz to 20KHz)
Input impedance mic input : 47KΩ
line input : 10KΩ
music input : 10KΩ
Output impedance main output : 220Ω
line output : 1KΩ
recording output : 1KΩ
Dimensions (W*D*H) 430 x 250 x 44 mm




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