Philips has specialized in field of audio since it was established in Netherlands in 1891. From previous Chapel radio, cassette recorder, CD to later Fidelio High-end series, every Philips innovative product Is for better improvement of customers’ audio and video experience. Philips has been the front of the era and leaded industry revolution with excellent design and persistent pursuit of sound since it invented the first radio with independent power supply and developed the first CD in the world. It has more than 250 patents in field of audio. For a long time, Philips has been carrying the idea of restoring the most authentic sound effects, and creating an outstanding history and reputation with persistence and passion.


Philips is one of the most famous entertainment audio brands around the world. Being based on deep exploration of people’ needs and leading technology, Philips has integrated technology and design into product R&D and kept providing meaningful innovation for personal and family entertainment. Philips audio has chased high-class sound quality for one hundred years. In future, audio and video enjoyment is continually brought to new era.


Philips audio has been specializing in field of audio and providing customers with new experiencing ways since it was established in 1891.

Entertainment System

Commercial System

Civilian System

Background Music


Professional Karaoke Speaker
Product Details
Model: CSS1310
Applications: KTV, family, pub
Color: Black
Specifications: 10″
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