Pro Digital Mixer 16 Inputs

The portable digital mixer effectively integrates the digital tuning system with innovative design and powerful DSP functions and adopts a new concept of fusion of modern digital and traditional operations, bringing users a very professional functional experience. Its compact body, simple operation interface, and professional sound mixing effects can not only play an outstanding ability in a professional performance, but also can fully satisfy inexperienced individual users to provide powerful effects. This mixer has powerful processing capabilities and advanced functions and can quickly call up the mixing interface for the convenience and swiftness brought by the design of the software operation process. Convenient and quick operating experience, so that everyone can enjoy the convenience and powerful functions of a digital mixer.


• Professional Digital Mixer 16 Channels. / 8 mono 3 stereo and 2 USB input channels.
• Ultra-low noise floor, multi-function parameters adjustable, and digital gain bring good consistency, which can effectively prevent errors operate.
• 7-inch high-definition touch screen 1024 x 600 resolution which can quickly and conveniently perform all settings.
• Built-in USB recorder and player functions (support APE, FLAC, MP3, and WAV lossless audio formats)
• 8-way DCA Grouping, 8-channel mute grouping, input, auxiliary output, and FX effector channels can all be programmed.
• Input channel has a 4-band parametric equalization Device, Compressor, noise gate, polarity, and delayer.
• Output channel has 6 Segment parameter equalization, 31 terminal graphic equalizations, High and low pass, and Compressor Delay Feedback inhibition.
• 4 built-in effects, Used in the field of singing and performance.
• 4 AUX auxiliary output channels and 4 FX effector channels are both Can choose Signal sending location (Pre_Fdr, Post-Fdr, Pre_Dyn, Per_All)
• Support 30 Group scene preset function. all scenes can be exported to an external storage device for storage backup So that it can be called at any time later.
• Channel parameters copy function, the same channel can quickly copy data.
• Channel Link (link) function, adjacent channels can be bound to each other for the same setting.
• With a panel lock button (to prevent misoperation). / Channel names can be customized.


Input channels Mono : 8 (Combo XLR)
Stereo : 3 (TS : 9 , 10) (TRS : 11/12 , 13/14)
USB : 2 Ports
Output channels Master out : 2 (XLR L/R)
AUX : 4 (XLR)
Phones out : 1 (TRS)
Total harmonic distortion + noise <0.003% @ 4dBu A+ right
Frequency response (20~20KHz) 20HZ ~ 20K HZ ,±0.2dB
Sampling Rate 48k
Quantization bits 24bit
Noise floor >-90dBu A+ right
Maximum level (input) +20dBu, balance
Maximum level (output) +20dBu, balance
Phantom power 48V
Digital/analog dynamic range 110dB
Input to output dynamic range 105dB
Input impedance (balanced) 2KΩ
Output impedance (balanced) 100Ω
Channel isolation @1kHz 100dB
The common mode rejection ratio -60dBu @0dBu
Operating temperature 0°C – 55°C
Power supply 19V/2A
Power consumption 20W
Dimensions (H x W x D) 69 × 410 × 253.5mm




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