Digital Central Controller Unit with Recorder and Digital automatic feedback suppression and Support control HD camera and SD camera Up to 4 unit.

DCS-990M is a fully digital conference central control unit, which centralized processing and control discussion, Clear sound, hi-fidelity, built in USB port for recording in MP3 format and Support up to 64GB drive. built-in telephone coupler input/output, Built-in Digital automatic feedback suppression, Built-in Video switcher processor 4IN/2OUT for SD video camera, Support control HD video camera and SD video camera up to 4 unit, support up to 60 units, can be expanded to discussion up to 5,000 units.

DCS-990M Supports multiple meeting for:

Corporate meeting Rooms.
Government meeting room & City Council Meeting.
Education institutions.
Non-profit organizations.



  • Fully digital conference system.
  • Discussing and video-tracking combined conference system.
  • Easy to control meeting mode and the number of speakers by the buttons on the panel.
  • Large TFT LCD screen displays 240 x 128 dot matrix display conference mode working status.
  • The microphone can open at same time: 1,2,3,4,5,6 and all microphone.
  • The DCS-990M can support 60 microphone units. And can able to support microphone up to 5000 units by power extended machine.
  • The electrical load and short circuit protection function.
  • The power switch turn-on/off without silent noise.
  • Equipped with audio parallel output and a 6.3 jack output, conference recording outputs and background music inputs interface.
  • Built in USB port for recording with light indicator. (Maximum 64GB)
  • Built-in telephone coupler input and output ports, can be used for a remote meeting.
  • Built-in DAFS Function Digital automatic feedback suppression is controlled It can facility automatically eliminates acoustic feedback.
  • RS232 interface can be achieved using computer software to control entire conference system function.
  • Built-in Video switcher processor 4IN/2OUT for Standard Definition (SD) video camera.
  • Support control High Definition (HD) video camera and Standard Definition (SD) video camera up to 4 unit.
  • Support protocol camera control Pelco-D, Pelco-P and Visca.
  • Seven operational microphone modes:
    1. CHAIRMAN mode: Only chairman can speech.
    2. FIFO mode: After reaching limit number (1-6) when open new delegate microphone the first microphones will close automatic.
    3. LIFO mode: After reaching limit number (1-6) when open new delegate microphone the last delegate microphones will close automatic.
    4. LIMIT mode: Limit microphones (1-6) can open on the same time.
    5. FREE mode: All delegate microphones can open on the same time.
    6. REQUEST mode: The all delegate microphone unit can be open after the chairman approve only.
    7. TEST mode: Light-ring all delegate microphone in system will turn on for check all delegate microphone status is ready to used.


Power Supply AC 100 – 240V
Max Power Consumption 120W
Frequency response 30Hz – 18kHz
Input impedance  LINE : 50KΩ   DIN : 50KΩ
Output impedance RECORD : 200Ω    LINE : 200Ω
Signal to Noise Ratio > 100dB @ 1KHz
Total Harmonic Distortion Ratio < 1 % @ 1kHz
Operation temperature -20°C ~ 70°C
Storage temperature -30°C ~ 80°C
Color Silver
Dimensions 480x85x370 mm
Weight 5.5 Kg
Set 19 inches racks






HD-300 High Definition Camera Tracking
SD-100 Standard Definition Camera Tracking

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