DAP-8400 Digital Intelligent Audio Management Plus

    The DAP-8400 Digital Intelligent Audio Management Plus Amplifier design by flexibility and complete, has 8 channels microphone input, every 4 channels divide into Area A and Area B, two area independently with Auto Mixer work with Mic Noise Canceling and Auto Room Calibrate work with Digital Feedback Suppression, can separate access according to the needs of different occasions or bypass. Built in Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) for Video Conference system, built in 4 channel power amplifier, stereo bridge transformation, can drive 4x150W at 4Ω stereo and 2x300W at 8Ω bridged, and Built in USB port for recording audio and playback.

    The DAP-8400 Supports multiple meeting for Corporate meeting Rooms, Government meeting room & City Council Meeting, Education institutions, Courtrooms and Non-profit organizations.