10 CH Professional Analog Mixer


  • AMX-Series professional analog mixer 10 Channels.
  • 6 mono and 2 stereo input channels.
  • Master, Phones, Control, Aux, Eff and Rec output channels.
  • Ultra-low noise invisible Mic preamps with +48V phantom power.
  • 24-bit DSP processor provides up to 24 effect presets.
  • 2-In/2-Out, Built-in USB Audio Interface (Audio Player and Recorder)
  • Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 player.
  • Each mono input channel is equipped with 3-bands EQ (1 band of swept mids)
  • Each stereo input channel is equipped with 4-bands EQ
  • PFL/PEAK LED and 60mm fader for each channels.
  • Power supply for AC 110-240 Voltage.



Input channels 8 10 14
Mono (Mic/Line) 4 (Combo XLR) 6 (Combo XLR) 10 (Combo XLR)
Stereo (Line) 2 (TS) (5/6, 7/8) 2 (TS) (7/8, 9/10) 2 (TS) (11/12, 13/14)
REC (Return) 2 (RCA) 2 (RCA) 2 (RCA)
Output channels
Master out 2 (XLR) , 2 (TS)
Phones out 1 (TRS)
Control out 2 (TS)
AUX Send 2 (TS)
REC (Send) 2 (RCA)
Digital I/O 2-In/2-Out, USB Audio Interface (Audio Player and Recorder)
PAD -26dB (mono)
Input channel EQ
Mono High : Gain +15dB /-15dB, Frequency: 10kHz (shelving)
Mid : Gain +15dB /-15dB, Mono 250Hz-5kHz, Frequency: 2.5kHz (peaking)
Low : Gain +15dB /-15dB, Frequency: 80Hz (shelving)
Stereo High : Gain +15dB /-15dB, Frequency: 10kHz (shelving)
High-Mid : Gain +15dB /-15dB, Frequency: 1kHz (peaking)
Low-Mid : Gain +15dB /-15dB, Frequency: 800Hz (peaking)
Low : Gain +15dB /-15dB, Frequency: 80Hz (shelving)
Signal indicator PEAK indicator (red), SIG indicator (green)
*Peak lights if the signal comes with in +17dB of the clipping level
LED level meter 2 x 10 points LED meter (16, 10, 6, 3, 0, -3, -12, -16, -20, -22 dB)
*Peak lights if the signal comes with in +17dB of the clipping level.
Digital effects 24 programs, Control Knob.
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz+1dB, -3dB @+4dB, 600Ω
Total harmonic distortion <0.1%(THD+N) @+14dB, 20Hz-20kHz, 600Ω
Operating temperature – 50°C to 80°C
Phantom power + 48V per channel
Power consumption 30W
Power requirements 110V-240V/50-60Hz
Net weight 4.00 Kgs 4.50 Kgs 5.50 Kgs
Dimensions (W x D x H) 310*420*110 mm 368*420*110 mm 420*420*110 mm



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