Mixing Amplifier 60Watts

The SA-60WiFi WiFi/USB/BT Portable Mixing Amplifier is designed as convenient solution for small to medium PA installations with USB player, Bluetooth and WiFi receivers in a compact housing. Its outstanding feature of WiFi wireless music streaming receiver, supports connection with your smart device via a free APP, one RJ45 port is available on the rear panel as a backup for the point where the WiFi signal is weaker. Equipped with step-up transformer to be best suitable for any 70V – 100V line public address system, in the same time 4Ω – 8Ω output loads are also provided.

Three balanced XLR microphone inputs are fixed on the rear, via the button “VOICE PRIORITY” the MIC1 can be set with priority over the other inputs, moreover the MIC1 has another port of 6.35mm socket on front panel. Level controllers include volume controller for inputs, master volume controller for all, BASS and TREBLE tone controllers. Complete protection is provided for over temperature, over voltage, over load and short circuit speaker line conditions.


CERTIFICATIONS : ETSI EN 301489 , 300328 | EN 62479 , 62368-1 | IEC 62321


  • EASY SET-UP allows you connect your speakers effortlessly from your Wi-Fi network to your phone, turning your space into a home theater with wireless streaming. Built-in Bluetooth receiver and USB player.
  • MULTI-ROOM FUNCTION allows you to stream synchronized music throughout different rooms, as well as control song selection and volume
  • USER-FRIENDLY APP when you download the app to your smartphone, navigate seamlessly with simple functions. Connect with your smart device via the free app.
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN allows you to add your own personal touch to your home aesthetics, complimenting your existing audio systems.
  • FULL SUPPORT for Airplay, DLNA, Spotify, iHeartRadio, TIDAL and more.
  • One RJ45 port available for the point where the WiFi signal is weaker.
  • 70V – 100V, 4Ω – 8Ω output loads.
  • SMT circuit boards with highly stable performance.
  • Powerful amplifier.
  • Phantom power supports condenser mic (1)
  • Three balanced microphone sockets and one unbalanced 6.35mm jack support.
  • Mic 1 has priority over the inputs with 0~30dB dB attenuation.
  • High-definition display for the working status of playing programme.
  • Individual volume controller for inputs, and master volume controller for all.
  • BASS and TREBLE tone controllers.
  • Protection provided for output short circuit, overload, high temperature, peak current limiters.


Model SA-60WiFi
Rated Power 60W
Power Consumption 95W
Frequency Response 4Ω – 8Ω      : 20Hz ~ 20kHz (±3dB)
70V – 100V : 50Hz ~ 15kHz (±3dB)
Speaker Output Mode Low impedance : 4Ω – 8Ω
Voltage line         : 70V – 100V
Audio Input MIC, AUX, USB, BLUETOOTH 4.2, WiFi
WiFi Solution MUZO Wireless Hi-Fi System
WiFi APP Name MUZO Player
WiFi APP version Android, iOS
Wi-Fi Mode Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (AP/STA modes supported)
Music Format Supported with MP3, WMA, ACC(ACC+), Apple lossless, ALAC, FLAC, APE, WAV
T.H.D <1% at 1kHz, 1/3 rated power
S/N ≥75dB
Tone Control BASS :100Hz (±10dB), TREBLE : 10kHz  (±10dB)
Protection Short circuit, Overload, High temperature
AC Fuse T1A
Power Supply AC 220V ~ 240V : 50Hz/60Hz
Power Cord (3 x 0.75mm²) x 1.5M
Dimensions (H x W x D) 100 x 290 x 260mm
Weight  5.5 kgs


SA-60WiFi FULL SUPPORT for Airplay, DLNA, Spotify, iHeartRadio, TIDAL and more.

MÜZO Cobblestone streams music to your sound system. Enjoy listening to your music from cloud music service providers and online radio without connecting your phone to speakers. Just connect Cobblestone and use the MUZO player app to play music wirelessly over your Wi-Fi Network.


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