18-Inch Single Passive Subwoofer

FLEXY E is powerful sound Line Array Speaker System, this series adapting to different preferences and scale of applications. With high performance offers various combinations and choices always herewith a proper solution that meets your need. The true modular design provides FLEXY E series amazing flexibilities to be combined, split and extended freely from 300 people to 8000 people scaled application, from the simplest 2+1 mono to 4-way large system.

FLEXY E Application

Rigging System
Fixed Installation
Ground Stacked
Main PA
Live Sound & Tour


  • 18-inch passive subwoofer speaker.
  • Driver high quality with One 18” driver (100mm voice Coil) Ferrite
  • Ultra-compact and solid enclosure high quality multilayer birch plywood.
  • Finished with Black water-based paint.
  • 4 lockable wheels design offers easy movement.
  • Applications with rigging system, ground stacked for font fill use or pole-mounted under F1-110E line array speaker for main PA.


MODEL F1-110E F1-118E
Frequency Response (±3dB) 90 Hz~18 KHz 45 Hz~100 Hz
Frequency Range (–10dB) 80 Hz~20 KHz 35 Hz~150 Hz
Horizontal Coverage 90°
Vertical Coverage 10° (adjustable maximum)
LF Power Rating (AES) 350W @16Ω 800W @8Ω
HF Power Rating (AES) 80W   @16Ω
Sensitivity (@1W/1m)  LF/HF 103/110 dB 98   dB
Maximum SPL LF/HF 128/129 dB 127 dB
Peak SPL LF/HF 134/135 dB 133 dB
Driver LF One 10” (75mm Coil.) Neodymium One 18” (100mm Voice Coil.) Ferrite
Driver HF One 3” (1.4” exit) Neodymium (75mm Coil.)
Connectors 2 Neutrik NL4 2 Neutrik NL4
Connection Method LF: 1+1- , HF: 2+2- LF: 1+1-
Enclosure 15mm, 18mm Multilayer Plywood 15mm, 18mm,24mm Multilayer Plywood
Grille Black Steel Mesh + Acoustic Transparent Cloth Black Steel Mesh + Acoustic Transparent Cloth
Finish Black water – based Paint Black water – based Paint
Riggings 3 Fly Points + Pole Mounts 4 Fly Points + Pole Mounts
Dimensions (H x W x D) 279 x 526 x 339 mm 750 x 556 x 655 mm
Net Weight 20 kg 70 kg




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