2-Channels 2x250W @8Ω Class D Digital Power Amplifier

D-2250 two-channels digital amplifiers are ideal for meeting rooms, function rooms, multi-media room, a home theater, KTV room installation. The D-2250 amplifiers are a compact 1U size and surprisingly lightweight, making them easy to handle and install. With strong I-POWER switch power to procure maximize performance, a new generation of environmentally friendly products.



  1. Multifunction and 1U design
    Traditional amplifier use heavy toroidal transformers and cooling tubes, inconvenient to transport and carry. D-2250 use high quality digital amplifier switching power supply, with the U.S. IR digital amplifier module, Rated output power (2x250W @ 8 ohm), just 4 kg, 1U design, lightweight, which is easy for installation or performance using.
  2. Advanced high-quality switching power supply module
    Digital switching power amplifier for selection is critical, our engineers through repeated trials, the power sector is currently selected. This module anti-interference ability, high stability of output voltage, over power protection has short circuit protection, high conversion efficiency, making the digital amplifier power and stability are quite good.
  3. American IR digital with japan qualified capacitance
    After continuous exploration and research by our engineers use the imports main component (the U.S. IR digital power tube amplification scheme and Japan’s advanced technology bulk capacitance) so the digital amplifier power will be stronger, fast transient response signal, thereby gaining a very good sound quality.
  4. Efficient and safe, green energy saving
    Class AB or Class H of traditional amp, utilization is only 30% -50%, but digital amplifier switching power efficiency up to 90%, the quiescent current consumption to zero, even if work for 8 hours, the temperature is not exceeding 50 degrees, absolutely safe, reliable and environmental protection.


Stereo Mode (2 Channels output) Continuous average output power per channel
S/N (20HZ~20KHZ) 8Ω >95dB
Distortion (@8Ω 1KHZ) <0.15%
Sensitivity of input 1.0V
Frequency response 20HZ~20KHZ+/-0.5dB
Circuit design CLASS D
Damping coefficient >600@8Ω
Cooling mode 2 fans, airflow from the back to the front
Connector (each channel) Input: XLR output: lock pin type jack
Control panel Front panel: AC power switch, single channel 1/2 gain adjust. Back panel: Stereo / Bridge mode selection
Indicator light Power: Green LED, Signal: Yellow LED, CLIP: Red LED, Protect: Red LED
Protect function Short circuit, over heat, automatic limit, long-term output, DC / AC protection
Size (Wide x deep x high) 483mmx343mmx45mm
Weight 4KG
AC input 220V